Credit Repair in Houston TX

As you know, here in Houston there is a revitalization of the downtown area especially. Many businesses have moved into the area from other states because we have not only great state tax laws, our other requirements for businesses make it very easy and smart to do business in Houston. If you are new to Houston, you may have taken on some debt to get out here, and that has affected your credit. New Day credit repair Houston is here to help you as an individual or a business to get back on the right track financially.

Credit restoration is a vitally important aspect of your financial future and here in Houston, we work within the tight regulations of the Texas Attorney General in order to bring your FICO score up to where it needs to be so you can take advantage of lower interest rates, higher balance credit cards when needed, better deals on mortgages and car loans and preparedness for financial emergencies. We can even get discounted rates on a credit recovery campaign for a husband and wife when filing together. You see, we work directly with the number one credit restoration company on the planet, Lexington Law. The folks at Lexington Law have helped millions of people just like you to get into a better credit score. Perhaps your score has dropped under 700 or even below 600. It's time to get in touch with one of our paralegals to get you the help you need to build your credit back up to where you need it.

Houston hours are from 5am until 11pm daily and we're always ready to assist you in your restoration process.

:link Fair Credit Reporting Act

How does it work? Our processes are refined and work within the laws are on your side when it comes to credit restoration. Your credit history can only go back seven years by law, so anything that is still on your credit report needs to come off it it's been longer than 7 years. This includes any derogatory claims such as repossessions, charge offs, late payments, defaults, collections etc... And did you know that nearly 80% of all credit reports have wrong information? This means that you're not even getting the proper evaluation when it comes to getting a loan which is bad news. So contact a credit paralegal from the Lexington Law team together with New Day Credit repair today and be on the road to sound financial decisions and great future. You deserve it! (866) 368-8828